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A History of Synergy:

Meet Our Professionals

Founder & CEO David Dill

David was born and raised in Michigan and attended Oakland University in Rochester, where he majored in Marketing and Finance. David loves his home state and still spends much of his time there although he travels frequently to visit clients. Centering his actions around customers has been a lifelong focus for David. After college, he worked as a Private Wealth Manager for Huntington National Bank. It was his passion for delivering excellent customer service that powered David's success. His banking clients and family's encouragement inspired him to become a young entrepreneur. Read More

David incorporated Synergy Appraisal Services sixteen years ago with the simple premise of providing exceptional Customer Service that is uniquely designed to meet the specific business needs of each client. His philosophy is to develop sustainable Win-Win-Win solutions that deliver exceptional results for customers.

Understanding that service is only part of a winning formula for his customers, David also became an early advocate of implementing a quality control function to mitigate risk and strengthen credit quality. It's no mystery why David's passion for excellent service and consistent quality has made him successful and endeared him to customers.

PresidentJames Baumberger

Jim has decades of successful management experience with an outstanding record of providing senior leadership for appraisal organizations and lending institutions. Some of his past positions include Regional Chief Appraiser for Bank of America, Division Appraisal Manager for World Savings, and Mortgage Group Leader for Wachovia. Jim's 22 years of professional appraisal practice includes valuation services for asset management, eminent domain, litigation, loan QC, marketing, mortgage lending, and relocation purposes.Read More

Jim has also taught appraisal licensing and continuing education courses for many years. In addition, he develops and presents training seminars on subject matter including appraisal, compliance, market conditions, review practice, and secondary market guidelines. Jim's audiences include appraisers, loan officers, processors, real estate agents, and underwriters. Jim makes it a point to keep other professionals informed of the latest developments impacting our industry – especially compliance and regulatory changes.

No matter the regulatory changes to come, or the compliance efforts required, Jim is well prepared to help our valued Clients better understand how to effectively mitigate financial and reputational risks by implementing compliant management solutions.

Additional Team Members

Dianne Forbush Director of Operations

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Dianne joined the Synergy in May 2006 with a previous background in banking and mortgage services. She is responsible for making sure all of the technical systems, operational processes, financial decisions and departments work in efficient and compliant harmony. With a wide variety of day to day tasks, Dianne is presented with learning opportunities daily and she enjoys the pleasure of working closely with all sorts of people—customers, employees, vendors and clients alike.

Dianne and her husband, Larry, were blessed with a beautiful baby boy in January 2010. Despite a premature delivery and early complications, Alexander is now a very healthy, playful and active toddler. Dianne is grateful to work for a company that places such emphasis on balancing work life with family life.

When Dianne isn't working or chasing after her son she enjoys volunteering at a local animal shelter, kickboxing, reading, playing the piano and sneaking in the occasional nap.


JAMES MORRIS National Accounts Manager

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James joined the Synergy Family in July of 2011 after having spent six years managing appraisals for a large AMC. His educational background is in neuroscience and philosophy, especially applied ethics. James believes we work in an economic sector that directly impacts the life of everyone, and it's imperative he does the best he can to facilitate the highest quality reporting and service possible for our clients.

James leads our team of Account Managers and helps develop solutions when complex issues arise in our workflow. He believes that working as a team—both internally at Synergy and with our clients—we can achieve much better outcomes than by working alone.

When he's not working, James does percussion and backup vocals in an indie rock band in Southeast Michigan, where he calls Ann Arbor home. Aside from banging drums and singing and visiting the city, James enjoys video games, reading about current events and politics, and spending time with family and friends.


Erika Parker Account Manager

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Erika grew up in Michigan, and now lives in Troy. Soon she will have a masters degree in Strategic Management.

Erika loves the close communication Synergy encourages between team members—whether in person or virtual. For her, customer service is providing a tangible way of connecting with clients and vendors. One of her highest compliments comes from clients who are overwhelmingly confident in their working relationship after years of service.

Erika has volunteered her time teaching Sunday school classes since she was a teenager and loves the rewarding experience of watching children grow and develop. She is a movie buff who frequently adds to her extensive collection.


Jennifer Cole Account Manager

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Jennifer is a lifelong Michigan resident who appreciates the resiliency her fellow Michiganites have shown through this economic turmoil. She loves working with her Synergy teammates, who are also committed to excellence.

Jennifer and her husband just brought their first home in Warren. They love their quiet neighborhood and welcoming neighbors. In her spare time Jennifer is an avid knitter and a diehard sci-fi fan who enjoys reading good books and singing at church. She is active in her community and appreciates how often they are able to overcome limitations and make a positive difference.


Giles Hofacer Review QC Manager

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Giles grew up in Michigan, and though he relocated to Miami a few years ago, the state still feels like home.

For him, there's no better feeling than helping out another person, whether it's a customer, friend or stranger. This sense of community and connection guides all his efforts to do a great job for our customers. Giles loves to feel the satisfaction of a job well done. Even though the Synergy Family is spread out across the nation he values how every member is able to work together to help our customers succeed. He believes in building quality relationships with our customers, being thoughtful of their business needs, and honest communication on how to meet their standards of excellence.


Chris Castro Certified Residential Appraiser

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Chris has been appraising for 21 years and has worked with the Synergy Family since 2000. Although appraisal can be quite challenging, Chris finds it can also be quite rewarding. She is a lifelong Michigan resident. Chris and her husband, Andres, have been married for almost 44 years and have two grown married sons, two grandsons and two granddaughters.

Though she's not fond of the Michigan winters, Chris still enjoys MIchigan's outdoor beauty and many lakes and parks. Chris also enjoys reading, walking, playing the card game Euchre and most of all, spending time with family and friends.